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This will be all about me and what you might need to know about me. It is similar to the “What’s a Norby?” page at

I had been involved with IT since I wrote my first program in 1957 (sic) in Fortran for an IBM 650 at Brown University, where I graduated in 1961 with a B.S. in Physics (no Computer Sciences major then). I retired in February of 2019.

In between, I programmed computers using punched cards, paper tape, plug-in wires and even entered instructions by pushing buttons and entering binary codes. I have written operating systems and compilers, directed software development, owned my own software company, been a programming contractor, and been “between contracts” (what contractors call being unemployed). Now that I am officially retired, I intend to spend time indulging my interests.

Away from the computer, I am an avid poker player, puzzler (especially cryptic crosswords), consumer of all types of music and world-wide travel. The rest of my time (a lot more since I have retired) is devoted to my daughter and 3 grand-children (sounds like Wheel of Fortune). (Yeah, maybe my priorities are not in order; I’d much rather play poker that sit down at a computer, though I have been told that I can do both at the same time!!! Who knew??). And I have a distorted sense of humor.

“Allow me to introduce myself” – Mick Jagger (1968)

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