Traveling Companion (human species)


I have been lucky enough to find a compatible human traveling companion for my adventures, or at least we are getting along OK so far. Next month will be the acid test, as we will be meeting with some of my friends from Brown (a tough crowd, we’ll see if she survives that), and then going on a mini Caribbean cruise.

Carolyn (CJ) has her doctorate in Psychology and is retired from being a public school Psychologist. She lives in N. Myrtle Beach, and what first got us together was her professed interest in Quantum Physics. At first I thought I was being catfished, as that’s one of my areas of interest (Quantum Physics, not catfishing), but then decided that was a bit far to go, especially when she started talking knowledgeably about the Uncertainty Principle and Quantum Entanglement.

“God does not play dice with the universe.” Albert Einstein (1926)

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  1. riaz says:

    It sound like a positive development Norby !!

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